About Us

Powell Schools Federal Credit Union

  • Manager: Bobbie Patterson                               
  • Assistant Manager: Val Cross                                 Hours:                                                                                     
  • Monday – 4:30 – 6:00                                                             
  • Wednesday – 4:30 – 6:00

Closed on Federal Holidays

Board Of Directors:
R. J. Kost --------------- Chairman
Steve Bailey ---------- Vice Chairman
Scott McKenzie ----- Secretary
Steve Zawacki ------ Treasurer
Ray Nelson ----------- Membership Officer
Floyd Young --------- Security Officer
Caroline Kost ------- Supervisory Chair
Deb Jacobs ----------- Board Member
Building Representatives:
Administration ------------------------- Sherri Simpson
Northwest College -------------------- Bobbie Bell
Northwest College -------------------- Val Cross
Northwest College -------------------- Cindy Jacobs
High School ------------------------------ Wendy Smith
High School ------------------------------ Tracy McArthur
Shoshone Learning Center ------- Amber Beaudry
Shoshone Learning Center ------- Dori Trustem
Middle School --------------------------- Jodee Metzler
Middle School --------------------------- Juston Carter
Parkside Elementary ---------------- Michael Jaycox
Parkside Elementary ---------------- Cathy McKenzie
Southside Elementary -------------- Stephanie Ramsey
Southside Elementary --------------
Westside Elementary --------------- Darci Ostermiller
Westside Elementary --------------- Kix Carter
Support Services Building -------- Marc McArthur
PCSD1 Transportation ------------- Sherri Simpson
PCSD1 Transportation ------------- Christy Schwartz

Membership Requirements:                                                                                

To be a member of the Powell Schools Federal Credit Union you must be employed by or a retiree of Park County School District #1 or Northwest College.  Spouses and children of employees may also have an account.  It only takes $5 to join and the $5 is put in your share account.  You win with the Credit Union.  Join today!!!